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World Cup 2022
When will I receive my 2022 FIFA World Cup tickets?
Please check your confirmation for the expected delivery date of your tickets. You'll get your tickets by the end of the day on your order's expected delivery date. This is based on when the seller told us they'd have the tickets. We can't ask them to send tickets earlier than the date in your order details.

  • It may be close to the event due to ticket delivery delays. This happens when the primary ticket company doesn't release the tickets to the original buyer for a while.
  • Some venues, artists, and teams don't release tickets until a couple days before an event. You may not get them until just before that date.
Please note, QR codes are only activated on event day at the stadium via Bluetooth. As always, buyers are covered by our Guarantee.

How do I access my FIFA World Cup Tickets?
Mobile Tickets: You will receive a notification once the seller has transferred the tickets. You must download the FIFA mobile app and accept the transfer within 72 hours. QR Codes are only activated on event day at the stadium via Bluetooth 

Paper tickets: Tickets will be shipped to a delivery address that you specify. If you are traveling, be sure that the address reflects where you will need to receive the tickets, we will not be able to reroute them.

My 2022 FIFA World Cup mobile tickets say they are delivered but I have not received them.
You must accept your ticket transfer in the FIFA app within 72 hours of the seller's transfer to you. If you cannot locate your tickets, please contact us and we will have the seller re-transfer your tickets. Please be sure to accept the tickets as soon as you receive notification that the seller has transferred them.

I have not received my application number yet to apply for my Hayya card and I am traveling for my event soon.
If you are traveling within 48 hours and have not yet received your order (with the necessary information to obtain your Hayya Card), please contact us.

I cannot transfer all of the tickets sold, what do I do and what does this mean for me?
If you are unable to transfer all the tickets for a sale, please contact us.

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